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How it all Began

Welcome to my site, I thank so much you for visiting!

You will find that my site isn’t a flashy, fancy site offering all things to everyone.  It is an informative site that focuses on providing information on how to promote a healthier lifestyle.  My intention is to help others understand and learn what that concept means and how to put it into their daily life in order to enjoy the benefits a healthier lifestyle can bring.

It was only a couple of years ago I started researching what I needed to do in order to help with some issues I was having with dry skin and my unhealthy hair which seemed to just stop growing! It wasn’t until I finally got frustrated with the fact that my hair was coming out more than I thought it should that I realized there has to be something I’m doing wrong. So, I chopped my shoulder length hair into a very short A-line cut and started over.  So, the search began to find things to help with my skin and hair issues. To my surprise, it wasn’t at all anything related to the products I was or wasn’t using, but more about the foods I was and wasn’t eating! It was also due to the vitamins and minerals I was depriving myself of.  When I was researching what products I thought I needed I found out that, in fact, it was what foods and nutrients I needed! Although there are great products out there that do help, the results are minimal and should be used in conjunction with a change in eating habits, working like a “team”.   What I discovered was the benefits of what I needed would also help with my sluggishness, digestive problems, appearance issues and overall well- being.

I am a young-spirited woman but just wasn’t feeling it, like I know I should.  My skin, hair, energy level, and internal health were showing signs of someone much older than I am.  I didn’t realize what damage I was doing just by the foods I was eating! And once I determined that I needed to stop eating certain things and include necessary nutrients, I implemented a better eating program and integrated other sources of the minerals and vitamins that I may not have been getting enough of in those foods.  About a year later, my hair was healthier and grew past my shoulders! My body no longer felt the effects from the unnatural ingredients it was forced to try to digest during my earlier eating habits. And my skin was much healthier too.  My main focus originally might have been my hair and appearance however, once I discovered what it takes, my whole body became this temple of healthiness and I saw and felt so many other benefits that gave me a completely different outlook on life in general. I wanted to provide my children the knowledge of what good eating habits can do so they can try to implement a healthier lifestyle starting now and hopefully experience the same things I have and develop a healthier future. So, I decided to create a site that I could provide information that I am passionate about to others.  Things that could help other people that are possibly in the same situation I was in or simply just want a healthier lifestyle and not sure how to start.  My motto is, “It starts from within.”

I hope you find my site helpful. The articles I write are based on research I have done and personal experience. The products I promote are simply things that I have tried, use and/or have been recommended.  As the site grows, I will continue to add more information as well as products I try and like. If you have any suggestions and would like to join in on my blog, it is strongly encouraged! I look forward to what you have to say to our other readers and myself!